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Injectable Treatment Options

We often have patients interested in softening wrinkles and overall improving an aged appearance, as well as wanting to get rid of their double chin, but very concerned about making sure they look natural, able to make normal expressions, not looking unnaturally plumped up, and without others knowing they have had something done. Well, who cannot understand that? We spend time on educating patients about how the various injectable products work, what they can and cannot do, their benefits and limitations, and that the outcome is to look very natural.

We want people to look their best self, not like someone else. We feel very strongly about follow-up, especially after initial treatments or any treatment that is different from what we may have done in the past, in order to ensure the outcome is what you want it to be. We want to make sure it is just right for you. Injectable treatments complement each other and can be used alone, or in combination for best outcomes. A natural, best-you look is always the goal!

Soft Tissue Fillers

Soft tissue fillers are injectable products aimed at restoring aged-related volume loss, softening lines, wrinkles, and hollows, and smoothing acne scars. With aging, we lose facial volume (bone, fat, muscle) and there are volume shifts. By softening the more aged contours that develop with time we can restore a more youthful age-appropriate natural appearance. Patients enjoy the immediate results of looking their better self. The facial rejuvenation paradigm however is no longer about just chasing lines and wrinkles, but incorporates a more wholistic and comprehensive global approach to facial rejuvenation and restoration, which provides the most natural appearance. The appearance of Aging Hands can be softened using filler as well.

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Botox is a neuromodulator that can be used for several purposes. In our office we use Botox to treat facial wrinkles, loose skin on the face, neck, and chest, facial oiliness, and excessive sweating, as well as to soften or enhance your personal features as needed to best compliment your face. The goal is to enhance your appearance, while leaving natural facial expressions intact. If started early enough before hyperdynamic (static) wrinkles with some permanence develop, we can prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place or stop progression of the static wrinkles, preventing them from deepening.

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Kybella is the first FDA-approved treatment to dissolve submental fat, better known as ‘double chin’. When injected into subcutaneous fat, Kybella causes the destruction of fat cells. Within a few minutes, the local fat is destroyed where the injection was placed. Over the next few weeks and months, the injured fat cells are removed permanently by normal body metabolism. Once destroyed, those cells cannot store or accumulate fat. Get rid of your double chin today!

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